The 2023 Winter Arena of Fame final promises many surprises with famous faces

Decide to win the throne – Winter 2023 TVET Final Trailer

Final October 22 – The dynasty continues or will the throne change hands?

Undefeated in the group stage, through V Gaming With a convincing score of 4 – 3 in the Play-off round, the defending champions of the tournament – Saigon Phantom are in full swing on the final stage of their journey to defend the throne that has belonged to them for the past 6 seasons. On the contrary, although there is no denying that V Gaming Black and Gold Eagle is Saigon Phantom’s strongest opponent at the present time, they need to make more efforts if they want to escape the “Second King” label that has stuck with them. for a long time. However, before that, a formidable counterweight and hidden many mutations was named GG Live still waiting for V Gaming to surpass them in Play-off 3 which will take place on the same day.

As the three best teams participating in the 2023 Winter Arena Finals, both V Gaming, Saigon Phantom and GG Live are ready to raise the Sword and Shield of Fame symbol. The fierce competition for the Lien Quan throne will officially take place from 12:00 on October 22 at Tan Binh Gymnasium (HCMC).

The Decisive Battle for the throne will take place at 12:00 on October 22

Youtuber Ngo Duc Duy & Hai Trieu – “26k chef” Le Anh Nuoi – famous KOLs appeared at Tan Binh Gymnasium on October 22

Joining the exciting atmosphere of thousands of spectators arriving at Tan Binh Gymnasium on October 22, million-view YouTuber Ngo Duc Duy and his brother “Drop Test Saint” Hai Trieu have confirmed their attendance to cheer together. for the DTV players competing in the Final Night. More surprisingly, the owner of a series of meals priced at 26,000 making waves in the online community, “chef” Le Anh Nuremberg, will also be present in a very important role. especially to support the teams Arena of valor.

In addition, other famous KOLs and streamers in the community will also attend and burn with the audience on the night of October 22. Explosive performances on the big stage, a series of exciting events containing valuable gifts, all promise a passionate, dramatic Winter 2023 Arena of Fame Final match waiting for the throne. Vuong Danh Vong called the owner’s name.

The “shield temple” journey of Youtubers Hai Trieu and Ngo Duc Duy at the 2023 Winter Football Finals


“26k Chef” Le Anh Nuoi at the 2023 Winter Training Finals

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