The 2023 AIC International Tournament brings together 18 top teams competing for the championship from November 9 to November 24.

Garena officially announced the time and location of the leading international tournament – AoV International Championship (AIC) 2023!! From November 9 to December 24, the best teams come from 4 tournaments: Arena of Fame (AOG), AOV Star League (ASL), Garena Challenger Series (GCS), and RoV Pro League ( RPL) will compete in 4 rounds to win the right to lift the prestigious championship trophy.


Official message of AIC 2023 – “Mark Your Legacy”, with the goal of inspiring players and players Arena of valor develop your own potential, strive to achieve breakthroughs and make a name for yourself. Whether they are veteran warriors who have left their mark on the world Mobile Alliance’s hall of fame or potential super-rookies, Garena encourages everyone to challenge their limits and reach new heights. new high.

AIC 2023 will kick off with 8 teams participating in the Selection round held online from November 9 to November 12. After that, the Group Stage will start from November 30 to December 10 with 12 teams competing for 8 spots in the Quarterfinals taking place from December 14 to December 17. Finally, the 4 strongest teams will gather on December 23 for a two-day series of Semi-Finals and Finals to find the champion, and also the team that will leave with the biggest reward. of the total prize pool of 500,000 USD.


Participating teams and tournament format

18 teams will compete at AIC 2023. With the Selection round, each tournament will have the opportunity to win 2 more places than the initially designated number of teams.

The top 3 teams of AOG – Vietnam, GCS – Chinese Taipei and RPL – Thailand, along with the champion of ASL – Indonesia, will participate in the tournament directly from the Group Stage. Meanwhile, the next two seeded teams from each tournament will compete in the Selection round for the final two spots in the Group Stage.​


The draw for the Selection round will take place on October 22, right after the Finals of the GCS – Chinese Taipei, RPL – Thailand and AOG – Vietnam tournaments close on October 21 respectively. October 10 and 22. The group positions of the teams participating in the Group Stage will be decided on November 12 after the top two teams in the Selection round are determined.​


Lien Quan Mobile fans and players can also look forward to exciting events accompanying the heat of the AIC 2023 International tournament, with a series of gifts on the day of the Semi-Final and Final matches from December 23 to December 24.

The AIC 2023 International Tournament will be broadcast live on Lien Quan Mobile’s official channels including Youtube, Facebook and AOV TV. Audiences can also participate in joint viewing activities organized by famous streamers in the community.

The latest information about the AIC 2023 International Tournament will continue to be updated at: ​

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