Tan Thien Long Mobile: Launching inter-server tournament Quan Long Tranh Ba celebrates his 5th birthday

After 5 years of launch, Tan Thien Long Mobile has received support from the gaming community by continuously surprising them with interesting activities, events and a series of attractive gifts. Not being an exception to this “rule”, after entertaining players with the new version of Chan Menh Thien Long and a series of epic birthday events, the game has opened up opportunities for true competition in the tournament. Quan Long Tranh Ba on March 20 here.


The inter-server tournament kicks off

Recognizing the wishes of the gaming community, the Quan Long Tranh Ba tournament is a stage to honor the talent and solidarity of the legions. This is also an effort from Tan Thien Long Mobile VNG to bring diverse tournaments, with scales and rules suitable for all types of gamers. Continuing the series of events to celebrate the 5th birthday, Quan Long Tranh Ba will officially start from March 15 to April 8, 2024. This is an inter-server tournament for teams, each participating team will have 6 people, with a maximum of 2 members in the same sect.


After successful registration (March 15 – March 19), teams will be in the Top 60 teams in the Legion’s combat power rankings (Total combat strength of members) and will be able to participate in the contest Ba Lien Server selection. The earliest 60 teams to register will also receive a series of attractive gifts such as Spirit Battle Stones, Material Chests, Mystic Keys and many other ingame items.

Competition from qualifying to finals

At Quan Long Tranh Ba, the competition will take place inter-server and go through Server Selection rounds, Top 16 Ranking rounds to Semi-finals and Finals. The legions will have the opportunity to exchange and compare skills. Anyone can participate and try their hand at any sect or level. Accordingly, the ranking round will find the top 16, the battles will take place in the same format as the Hoa Son Luan Kiem Battle, played over 2 days, 10 matches each day to rank the points of the corps. When the final match ends, the teams in the Top 16 will be able to participate in the Lien Server Tournament of Champions.


Entering the Semi-final round, the Top 16 selected teams will be randomly divided into 4 groups to conduct Group Matches, based on the competition rule of 3 wins 2. Then, the 1st place of each group will compete to find the winner. The 2 best teams will advance to the Final round. Competition Ba Lien Server – The final will take place on April 8, two teams will play 5 matches winning 3 to find the highest position of the 2024 Quan Long Competition Ba tournament.

The champion team will win in-game items such as 18,880 Yuan Bao Lock, Cuu Tieu Lang La, Cai The,… along with gifts of t-shirts and stuffed animals Moc Kinh Mieu Bao Bao exclusive to Tan Thien Long Mobile. In turn, the runners-up, top 4, top 16, 32 will receive Nguyen Bao Lock, Paper-Uy Duong Tu Hai, Red Tieu Diem Nguu (365N), Secret Mirror Tang Bao Do,…


The tournament is open for registration until March 19 and takes place at 7:00 p.m. on March 20. The gaming community can follow every dramatic moment of the tournament through the livestream on Tan Thien Long Mobile VNG Fanpage. Surely players who work hard to interact will also receive significant incentives from the game, so this is an opportunity to cheer for their comrades and join in the bustling atmosphere of the tournament.
Thus, Quan Long Tranh Ba is not only an opportunity for gamers from North to South to exchange PK skills, but also an opportunity to win extremely valuable ingame rewards. This is also the first step in finding outstanding faces and outstanding martial arts to “follow the master to learn” and create eye-catching tournaments in the near future. Hopefully with this new tournament the gaming community will advance. flowers, more blood and fire to build Tan Thien Long Mobile community At the age of 6, the child becomes more attached and develops.

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