Take your breath away with the new trailer of Soulstice – Dark Souls and Devil May Cry hybrid game

Soulstice is a game that focuses on combat in the style of Japanese games like Dark Souls, Devils May Cry or Bayonetta but developed by a small Italian studio. After being announced at the PC Gaming Show 2 months ago, Soulstice yesterday continued to bring players the latest images of the game through Gamescom.

Soulstice is set in the kingdom of Keidas, where humans often suffer attacks and threats from Wraiths. Briar and Lute are two sisters living in Keidas. Lute sacrificed her body to enter Briar’s soul, both reincarnated into a Chimera. Players will play the role of Chimera with two souls transformed by sisters Lute and Briar, with the task of protecting humans from Wraith. In the trailer at Gamescom, players can see two sisters bond closely in matches even though one has become a ghost.​

Heroine Briar appears in the trailer with many different weapons, initially a large sword, then a whip, giant gloves… It seems like her sword can transform into other types of weapons. , at least transforms into a heavy axe.​


Surely a game from a small studio like Soulstice will have difficulty competing with other big games of the same genre, but it can be seen that it possesses fast, smooth movements and skillful attacks. Worth training for gamers to consider. Soulstice is expected to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2022.

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