Takademy League Master AOV: Finding the New King

Both semi-finals of Takademy League Master AOV- SS1 brings indescribable emotions to the audience as well as the gamers themselves. Four teams have contributed their best and two names are more deserving than the team Mr. Ma and Lake Long Streamer.

Team Anh Ma is highly rated in this tournament and had an undefeated group stage, not losing any game before meeting the team. DK Monkey in the first semi-final. It was considered a balanced match, but the people that streamer Anh Ma chose were truly superior to their opponents.


Playing cohesively and disciplined, it was not difficult for the first two wins to belong to the streamer’s team born in Can Tho. Completely superior, but subjectivity caused the representative of the DK Monkey fan community to get a victory in the third match through which he continued to raise hope. Immediately after that, it seemed that Anh Ma had reformed the team members and the 4th and final match at the tournament. Takademy League Master AOV – SS1 of DK Monkey team.

Winning over their opponents with a total score of 3-1, Anh Ma was the first team to reach the finals and their opponents were more deserving in the match between their teams. Long Ca and Long Streamer Lake.

Ho Long Streamer is probably the most enthusiastic person at the tournament as he constantly reminds team members to review previous matches and analyze weaknesses, especially Long Ca team – the opponent in semi-final 2. their.


Everything went in the right direction when Ho Long Streamer’s team brought a playing style that completely countered the opponent, with too few loopholes to exploit. It seemed like there would be a perfect match with a 3-0 victory, but a very smart handling of the Long Ca team caused Ho Long to lose in the third game and the opponent shortened the score to 2. -first. Touching their pride, the Ho Long team quickly regained their spirit and destroyed their opponents in the final game, thereby sending the Long Ca team members “home to watch TV”.


Today, the final match between Team Ho Long Streamer and Long Ca will officially kick off at 3:00 p.m. on Takademy channel. The journey has come to an end, both teams must use all their strength to defeat their opponents if they do not want to slip up in the decisive match of the entire tournament. The championship will be the final destination for both, let’s guess who will become the first champion of Takademy League Master AOV-SS1.

The tournament is broadcast and organized by Takademy and don’t forget there will be many events for spectators, exclusively on Takademy.

Takademy, part of Appota, is a company specializing in training and management for young people who want to become game-specific content creators.

Takademy focuses on entertainment, lifestyle content, etc., contributing to bringing new dynamic and colorful experiences to the generation of young Vietnamese people.

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