Summoners War’s Sky Fever Season event series explodes to support players’ rapid growth

The name Summoners War from publisher Com2us, it is no longer a stranger to global gamers with many events and new content updates to maintain its position as the top mobile game globally.


First to mention in this series of events is Event Fever Support, which provides many necessary items to support players in the process of level growth. In addition, players can collect Fever Tokens from in-game content and enter the arena to exchange for attractive items.

Players who use Fever Tokens when purchasing growth items will increase their chance of dropping Runes and Artifacts in Cairos Dungeon. During the five weeks of the event, summoners can purchase up to 30 Event Appraisal Stones per week. Besides, players can also buy up to 10 Grinding Stones & 10 Enchanted Gems of desired Rare rank or higher with Fever Tokens. The Unlimited Shop will only be available during the event allowing players to upgrade Arena Prestigious Buildings and purchase items.


The Growth Boost event is a special opportunity for new players, beginners, and returning summoners to upgrade their monsters quickly. Players will receive Welcome Gifts such as Mystical Scrolls, Mana Stones, and Rare level 6★ Runes as rewards upon registration. Besides, players reaching lv. 30 and lv.40 will receive Forbidden Evolution Tips, Awakening Scrolls and original 5-star transmuted monsters of your choice. Ameria’s Blessing Gift will be applied to all New & Returning & Junior Summoners throughout the event period.


The most anticipated event with extremely attractive rewards is Event Fever Attendance which has caused a fever in the community when just by daily attendance, players can receive 10 Devilmon, 2 Light & Dark Secrets. , 1 Legendary Recipe and countless other rewards to freely experience Summoners War.

You can find more information about the event Sky Fever Season and other events on the official fanpage of Summoners War at:

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