Summary of the results of the second day of competition of the Vietnamese e-sports team at ASIAD 19

In subject AoV Asian Games version, after consecutive victories in the Group stage and Quarterfinals, the Vietnamese national team played resiliently against the Malaysian national team in Semi-final 1. However, that was not enough when Malaysia, with its core of strong players in the division, This subject has shown superiority. The final result, the Vietnam national team lost to their opponents with a score of 2-0 and will participate in the bronze medal match with the Thai national team at 2:00 p.m. on September 26 at the Main Stage.

The Vietnam AOV national team will compete in the bronze medal match with the Thai national team this afternoon

In Electronic Football EA Sports FC Online, 02 Vietnamese athletes tried very hard after a tough first day of competition when they had to pass the Preliminary round, round 32 and round 16 respectively to participate in the Quarterfinals with the Winner – Loser bracket competition format. Athlete Truong Duc Hieu (Harkumen), after winning the first round in the Loser’s Quarterfinals, had to regretfully stop against opponent Kazakhstan in the TOP6 qualifying match.

Meanwhile, athlete Ho Gia Huy (Subin), after his first victory in round 1 of the winning bracket, could not overcome one of the championship candidates. ASIAD 19, is a representative from Thailand. Thereby, Subin had to compete in the loser’s bracket to compete for the TOP 4 spot with Korean athletes, who are also considered very strong in this year’s tournament. The TOP 4 match was very tense. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, luck did not smile on Subin as he lost both games after unfortunate Penalty shootouts.

A large number of spectators were present to cheer for the teams

At the afternoon competition, the national team League of Legends start in the Group stage. Talented young men of Vietnamese League of Legends under the guidance of their coach SofM Le Quang Duy played very solidly to win convincing victories over Japan and Palestine, taking the top spot in Group B. The Vietnamese League of Legends national team will have a day off before facing India in the fourth round. ends at 2:00 p.m. on September 27.

Vietnam National Team of League of Legends with the leadership of coach SofM

Tomorrow, September 26, the Vietnam national team will compete electronic Sports will continue to compete at ASIAD 19 with AoV and Street Fighter V.

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