Summary of the 2023 Winter Arena of Fame Finals

Fans were present at Tan Binh Gymnasium from early morning to wait for the Arena of Fame Final

Even though it’s not yet match time, the heat has spread strongly from thousands of the most passionate fans of the Arena of Fame. At the bridgehead of Tan Binh Gymnasium, a large number of fans were present very early, ready for the most important match day of the season to find the “new generation Lien Quan King” – the owner of the throne. Fame.

A large number of fans checked in early at Tan Binh Stadium to wait for the Final match

“Chief Chef” Le Anh Nuremberg appeared at the Arena of Fame Finals, ready to fire up the players.

Special guest of the Arena of Fame – “26k chef” Le Anh Nuoi was present on the big stage before the Grand Final. To ensure the players’ physical strength throughout the long day of competition, the “head chef” personally prepared a quality, nutritious meal. A hearty meal before the crazy hour to add energy and confidence to the teams in the battle to decide the throne.

“Chief Chef” Le Anh Nuremberg attended the Grand Final

The atmosphere was explosive at Tan Binh Gymnasium

Burning hotter than the heat of Saigon right now is the heat radiating from thousands of passionate fans across the stands. Join the vibrant and bustling cheers with flying flags. All eyes are on the big stage – where the final battle between V Gaming, GG Live and Saigon Phantom is taking place fiercely.​

Enthusiastic fans accompany Saigon Phantom in the decisive battle

Fans stood side by side with GG Live at the Final stand

The “Black Gold Eagles” fire up V Gaming at the Grand Final

V Gaming destroyed GG Live with a score of 4-1, ready to challenge Saigon Phantom

Despite facing many disadvantages due to GG Live’s initiative, V Gaming still successfully retained the game. Defending and counter-attacking excellently, V Gaming opened with a victory after a long battle. Entering the second game, V Gaming had their forte card Rouie in hand. Gaining control of the match right from the first minutes, V Gaming once again affirmed the immortal Rouie brand by doubling the gap to 2-0. The boys in yellow and black shirts are showing strong determination against their opponents.

As the third game kicked off, GG Live proved that it is not an easy opponent. Eye-catching fights with “tit for tat” situations constantly occurring between the two teams made the audience’s hearts flutter. In the end, GG Live successfully turned the situation around and promptly returned before the opponent could distance themselves further.

GG Live shortened the score with an explosive first game

After the stumble, V Gaming did not let the opponent have time to rejoice for too long. Playing confidently with an effective defensive and counter-attacking style, V Gaming made GG Live clearly show their inferiority and weakness in the pivotal match. Taking full advantage of their opponents’ mistakes, V Gaming successfully increased the score to 3-1, with only one game left on the way to the Finals. In the deciding match, V Gaming put GG Live in a difficult position with superior strength. Continuously perfect combos, smooth without scratches, unable to resist, GG Live was immediately destroyed with a score of 4-1. With a convincing victory, V Gaming officially entered the nerve-wracking battle with their destined rival Saigon Phantom at the Grand Final which will take place at 5:00 p.m. today. This continues to be the 5th consecutive encounter between the two top Vietnamese teams in the Final.

V Gaming entered the Finals to reunite with Saigon Phantom

Content creator Ngo Duc Duy and Hai Trieu “won the trophy” at the Arena of Fame Finals

Along with “head chef” Le Anh Nuremberg, the Arena of Fame Final also had the participation of content creators Ngo Duc Duy and Hai Trieu. This special appearance made Tan Binh Gymnasium more bustling and interesting. Before that, Hai Trieu “accidentally” broke the Shield of Fame. Coming to the big stage this time, the audience hopes he will “drop test” the Arena of Fame Final more carefully.

Defeating V Gaming with a convincing score of 4 – 3, Saigon Phantom won the championship for the 7th time, setting a record Arena of valor Vietnam.

Despite their best efforts, with just one stumble, V Gaming lost the entire game. Scratching Caesar in 4 seconds, Fish’s Liliana contributed to bringing Saigon Phantom an impressive opening victory. Immediately after that, the score was equal. The moment BirdLB shined opened the door for V Gaming to follow its opponents. Confirming its Top 1 position, Saigon Phantom continued to deploy an overwhelming stance, taking a 2-1 lead. Fighting quickly and winning, Saigon Phantom once again destroyed V Gaming, increasing the gap to 3-1.

Saigon Phantom played overwhelmingly, leading 3-1

Not willing to give in easily, V Gaming rose up to counterattack strongly. Continuously engaging in eye-catching fights, V Gaming left their opponents unable to react in time, winning in the 10th minute. A chance to return for the boys wearing black and yellow shirts. In the fourth game, both teams were careful in every step. After a long battle with tense fights, V Gaming successfully equalized the score once again, opening the deciding game.

V Gaming came back strongly to bring the Final to game 7

Determined to maintain the throne, Saigon Phantom is highly focused on the decisive battle. Proactively attacking the opponent’s resource area early, Saigon Phantom put V Gaming in a difficult position. After 10 minutes of competition, the reigning Champion of the Arena of Fame once again marked a magical journey with 7 Cups and the Sword and Shield of Fame – 5 consecutive championships – 1 absolutely undefeated season.

Saigon Phantom retains its throne

TH FMVP Winter Arena of Fame 2023 – SGP Fish

With an excellent performance in the Final, the title of TH FMVP Winter Arena of Fame 2023 was officially named SGP Fish with a prize worth 100,000,000 VND. Throughout the undefeated journey, V Gaming’s mid laner always showed a confident demeanor like a star at every moment. This title is a gift of gratitude for the audience who has accompanied him during the past time.

SGP Fish and prestigious FMVP award

Announcement of KV and official message of the International tournament AIC 2023

Garena officially announced the start of the leading international tournament Arena of Valor International Champions (AIC) 2023 from November 9 to December 24 in Ho Chi Minh City. The official message of AIC 2023 – “Mark Your Legacy”, with the goal of inspiring Lien Quan Mobile players and players to develop their potential, strive to achieve breakthroughs and create achievements. name for yourself.


Results of the draw AIC 2023 Wildcard: Team Flash, TDT Esports encounter difficulty

Immediately after the 2023 Winter Hall of Fame Final, the AIC 2023 Wildcard draw took place. According to the draw results, TDT Esports will face a big challenge when facing the giant of the GCS tournament – ONE Team. Meanwhile, Team Flash also had to encounter Buriram United Esports station – a serious opponent. This promises to be a difficult match for Xuan Bach and his teammates.

AIC 2023 Wildcard draw results

The Wildcard round of APL 2023 will take place from November 9 to November 12, let’s follow and cheer for AOG representatives on Garena Lien Quan Mobile channels.

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