Stunned by the amount of money needed to max out characters in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is one of the most controversial games released in gaming history. Although before Immortal came out, there used to be a lot of games that used strategies micro controversial to get players to open their wallets, but the exorbitant prices in Blizzard’s games really make many people angry.


The systems in the game are so bad that Diablo Immortal has been compared to other micro-nightmares like FIFA Ultimate Team or Star Wars Battlefront 2. Some of the systems in Immortal require a lot of time when not in use. use money. As for the group of players who pay, they may have to “drain” thousands of dollars for the above systems.

Perhaps the most “blood-sucking” in the game is gem system, specifically how to own a 5-star gem in the game. If rejected by the gods of luck, players can expect to spend an average of over $16,000 USD to get a 5-star gem (each character can equip six 5-star gems at a time). One player recently discovered that the game’s gem system is abysmal and therefore the amount of money needed to fully upgrade a character will be hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Reddit user ShiftYourCarcass created a lengthy post, describing how players were fooled into thinking that a previously calculated $100,000 USD figure was needed to max out a character’s six legendary gems. In fact, ShiftYourCarcass believes the real amount is up to $540,000 USD and according to this person, this is still a pretty lucky number. This is because more gem slots are created after raising up to six 5-star gems (a 5-star gem slot will have 5 additional gem slots after Awakening). ShiftYourCarcass believes that unlucky players will even have to “burn” $1 million to complete the task. Comprehensive upgrade of a character.

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