Street Fighter 6 reached the milestone of selling 3 million copies


Recently, publisher Capcom announced that Street Fighter 6 Satisfied sold three million copies for seven months. Title fighting games reached the milestone on January 3, 2024, seven months after launching on June 2, 2023. Street Fighter 6 is off to a strong start with one million copies sold in its first week debut. And a month later, sales had increased to two million copies, meaning it took half a year for the game to sell another million copies.

Capcom said: “Street Fighter 6 is generally progressing in line with the company’s expectations. We believe the positive critical reception will act as a driving force in improving the game’s sales.” play in the future.” Capcom aims to surpass Street Fighter 6 sales Street Fighter 5with over 10 million copies sold during the game’s lifetime.


The publisher revealed that it has steadily increased sales by promoting promotion Street Fighter 6 DLC and the esports side of the game. The fighting game has continuously received DLC characters and new costumes, as well as collaborating with many other brands. Ed will be Street Fighter 6’s next DLC character, followed by fan-favorite Akuma in the spring.

Total sales of Street Fighter currently reach 52 million copies. Street Fighter 5 remains the best-selling game in the series, with 7.4 million sold as of September 30, 2023.

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