Streamer criticizes Idol for failing college, crazy fans drag him into gossip without knowing he’s talking to a Doctor

Recently, Chinese social networks have been quite busy with arguments between fans Ma Jiaqi – Members of the group Youth League Era and one male game streamer. Supposedly male streamer insulting his idol, many angry fans mocked his academic ability, but no one expected this streamer to be a PhD graduate from a top Chinese school.

Ma Jiaqi – member of the Youth League group.

Scholars in China have now finished their high school graduation exams and are gradually receiving their scores, but not everyone is happy about that, at least Ma Gia Ky and his fans. Ma Jiaqi was born in 2002, is currently a Chinese singer and actor, he is also the captain of the band Thoi Dai Nien Doan.

In China, candidates who choose to study acting, singing, and dancing will have to pass two exams: a talent exam at art schools and a normal culture exam like other students. Although he achieved good results in the talent test, ranking 6th in the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, Ma Gia Ky “slipped” in the cultural test, his total score only reached 307/750 points. , in which math only gets 25 points (maximum score is 150), not enough points to enter the school. Having an artistic orientation, it is understandable that the cultural test score is not “ideal”, but in the past, Ma Gia Ky’s fans often boasted that their idol was an excellent student and a “study saint”. ” So as soon as the test scores came out, Ma Gia Ky had to receive many satirical comments.​

Some sources revealed that Ma Gia Ky spent 300,000 yuan (1.07 billion VND) in tuition to prepare for the talent exam. A game streamer whose account is Three Kingdoms Sat Hoa Thu shared this news on his personal Weibo (a platform similar to China’s Facebook) with the comment: “It’s better than giving me that money.” It is understandable that Hoa Thu wanted to joke that if he gave him that money, he would teach Ma Gia Ky to pass the exam. Thinking that the male streamer was mocking his idol, Ma Gia Ky’s fans immediately attacked Hoa Thu’s Weibo, mocking his academic ability.

Streamer Three Kingdoms Kill Fire Tree.

But what they did not expect was that Hoa Thu actually entered Tsinghua University, the most prestigious school in China, and even graduated with a master’s and doctorate degree at this very place. And indeed since last year, Hoa Thu also started teaching online high school math – the subject Ma Gia Ky achieved the lowest score. With his ability, Hoa Thu helped students pass the entrance exam to Tsinghua or Bac University. Sutras are not just talk. Once again, Ma Gia Ky’s fans have become the focus of satire from netizens and antifans, so we can see how important it is to learn thoroughly about the other person before cursing each other.

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