Stellar Blade: If you want to wear sexy clothes, you must be at a high level!

Although Sony withdrew the demo Stellar Blade from the PlayStation store, but many people have still been able to experience the action game with the super hot main character of developer Shift Up. Therefore, some new details have been revealed about the PS5 exclusive, and in particular, the super sexy outfit that the main character Eve can wear. But be careful, wearing that leather outfit can have deadly consequences.​


On the weekend of March 8, the Stellar Blade demo quietly appeared on the PlayStation store for about an hour and many people were quick to download it. Sony quickly pulled it from stores and revoked access for everyone, regardless of whether it was installed on their PS5 or not. However, some footage from the demo was still saved and spread on the internet, including Eve’s super seductive outfits.

There’s no doubt about Eve’s hotness, but with the super sexy outfits mentioned above, players will have to trade a few things if they want to wear them. Specifically, according to Automaton Media, it will increase the game’s difficulty to a deadly level.


“The Skin suit is an outfit specially created by the Mother Sphere,” the suit description says. “It covers the bodies of Airborne Squad members and deploys on its own, or expands and contracts depending on the situation. In other words, it’s like living skin. (Shields are disabled when you wear this Leather Suit.)

In essence, as Twitter user ScourgeHH said on March 13, wearing the Leather Suit will activate Hard mode in Stellar Blade, disabling your shields and making you more vulnerable. Sure, your character will become extremely sexy, but that means death will come easier than usual. In that way, it’s reminiscent of Nier: Automata’s self-destruct ability, which “blew away” 2B’s lolita-inspired dress to reveal her bare underwear while also reducing her HP to just one dot. It turns out that costumes in Stellar Blade are not just “for beauty”, but also have a significant impact on gameplay.

The latest trailer for Stellar Blade in Sony’s State of Play on January 31 has raised Eve’s popularity to a new level and made many gamers “hot-eyed”. There’s still a lot unknown about the game, but we don’t have to wait much longer as Stellar Blade launches on PlayStation 5 on April 26.

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