Soul War: Soul War officially launched on November 14, Top Linh Pressure race received iPhone 15 Pro Max

Exactly at 10:00 a.m. on December 14, Soul War will officially launch to Vietnamese gamers with a series of exciting activities, the highlight of which is the TOP Linh Ap racing event to receive IPHONE 15 PROMAX gifts. As soon as official information was released, players immediately hunted for the international version of the game, causing the reviewer community to immediately start experiencing it. Get the topic Bleach – Thousand-Year Blood War, supported in many countries and possessing fierce and fierce gameplay, Soul Slayer: Soul War will definitely be the number 1 game in Asia that players cannot miss.​


Race to Top Linh Pressure – Receive IPHONE 15 PROMAX

Race to Top Linh Pressure – Receive IPHONE 15 PROMAX

On December 14, Soul War: Soul War officially landed on Vietnamese gamers with a series of launch events that made everyone excited. In addition to newbie gifts, Asia’s No. 1 Bleach game also increases excitement for players when it brings the screen Top Linh Pressure Race – Receive IPHONE 15 PROMAX, worthy of the name of the game and also gives extremely “burning” gifts. Specifically, in the Top Power Race event, the player with the highest fighting power will immediately receive the current Top 1 technological masterpiece. It is known that the battle for the throne will be updated at 3:00 p.m. every day, starting from December 14 until December 27. Not only that, Warriors who participate in the decisive battle with Soul Slayer: Soul War also receive countless attractive benefits such as:​

  • 7 Day Goal
  • x2 Server New
  • Top Up – Get Aizen Sosuke
  • Increase Level Receive VIP
  • Summon Hollow Ichigo

Access at:

In addition, Warriors can also participate in the fanpage event to receive UR ​​and SSR generals to prepare for the upcoming journey.​

Blood Battle Arena – The ultimate decisive battle

Peak Arena – Bleach Blood War

Entering the ultimate bloody battles and proving the power of death, Soul Slayer: Soul War will make you extremely excited with epic combat effects. Includes 6 formations and is opened according to level, each formation will have its own advantages, positions will be “chosen for gold” by players, and arrangement of combat formations in PVP activities. The general’s skills will be shown clearly and sharply in battle, helping players easily grasp the situation and master the game.

Multinational response – Attracting extremely hot reviewers and gamers

Attracting a series of extremely “hot” Reviewers

With just a few hours of release, the Vietnamese gaming community immediately hunted for the international version of Asia’s No. 1 Bleach game. It is known that Soul War: Soul War is no longer a strange game for fans. Confirmed its quality and reputation when it was successfully released in the Asian market, continuously on “hot search” in recent days with a group of extremely hot girl reviewers and gamers. With the mission of conquering the most demanding players, Soul Slayer: Soul War will show us how classy a product worthy of international standards in terms of graphics, technology and gameplay will be.

Tiktokers and hot girls land in Soul War: Soul War

The community of gamers and reviewers is ready to fight, download good games – get an IPHONE 15 PROMAX right away with Soul War: Soul War at Google Play and AppStore!​

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