Sons of the Forest released Trailer 1.0, revealing many new points ahead of its release


After entering stage Early Access been a year, Sons of the Forest will release version 1.0 on February 22. The game also posted a brand new trailer, showcasing what fans can experience when the full game version officially launches.

The new trailer has excited fans ahead of the release of version 1.0. Developers Endnight Games said the game will have significant gameplay changes. In Sons of the Forest 1.0, players are tasked with finding a missing billionaire on a remote island invaded by flesh-eating creatures. In the true spirit of survival horror gameplayers need to craft tools and build shelters to try to survive in this terrifying open world.

From lush forests to claustrophobic caves filled with bizarre ceremonial decorations, Sons of the Forest 1.0 will bring a lot of locations that will satisfy fans of the horror genre. The trailer also gives a glimpse of the combat side. Unlike current first-person shooter games, players will need to use weapons in a more calculated way. Ammunition and weapons are limited so players need to take advantage of resources
and limit waste.

Another important feature, not highlighted in the trailer, is that Timmy will have a larger role in version 1.0. The appearance of this character shows that Sons of the Forest develops towards the ending when Timmy was still alive in The Forest. According to options from the 2014 game, Timmy can be revived or sacrificed to save the remaining survivors on the plane.


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