Some basic instructions for players just starting Palworld

Palworld is a wonderful world filled with magical creatures that players can capture and tame. However, this is also a complex world that newcomers can find overwhelming and not know where to start. Below are some basic instructions that will help you have a smoother journey in Palworld.

1. Conquer Pal and some tips

In Palworld, catching Pal is quite similar to how players catch Pokemon. Instead of Pokeball, players will need a special item called Pal Sphere. You can craft Pal Spheres or pick up Pal Spheres scattered around the map.


Press Q to throw Pal Sphere and capture Pal. Holding the Q button down will give you more information about Pal’s catch rate when thrown.

To increase the odds of catching Pals, players need to attack and reduce their HP to low. Using better Pal Spheres is also a way to increase the success rate. Additionally, when throwing Pal Sphere from behind, the success rate will be slightly increased.

We have introduced some of the best Pals for the early game here.

2. How to build a base and move

Building a base in Palworld is one of the first things you should do after getting your hands on a few Pals. The base is the home of you and your Pals in Palworld. When your party is full and captures another Pal, they will automatically be transferred back to the base. Players can control all of their Pals, summoning and assigning them to their base.

To set up your base, players just need to build a Palbox, the item will appear in the Technology table when you reach level 2 and requires 1 Technology point to unlock. The materials to make Palbox are quite basic, including wood, stone and 1 Paldium Fragment.


During the process of exploring Palworld, players may feel that the original location where they set up their base is no longer suitable, or simply find a more favorable location. At this point, players can move their base without losing the resources used to create Palbox.


Players just need to turn on the map, point to the base icon on the map, a “Disassemble Palbox” option will appear. After clicking, it will warn the player with some notes as follows:​

  • Structures that cannot be placed outside the base will be dismantled.
  • Some structures will not be dismantled and saved in their current location.
  • All Pal at this base will be stored in your Palbox.
  • Doing so will not cause any of your Pals to disappear.

After agreeing, the resources you used to create the Palbox will be returned, and the player only needs to go to the new location to reset the headquarters.​

3. Note about Paldium Fragment


Paldium Fragments are a rarer resource than wood and stone. They are often clustered in a certain map area. Therefore, if you keep looking for an area and can’t find it, move to another area to find your luck, because they are not so rare that there are only one or two blocks in the whole area (or none, or there are quite a few).

4. How to heal, treat and revive Pal

During the game, your Pal may be injured, lose blood or suffer from some diseases. To heal, players just need to make food and feed them, or let them rest in the party. When Pal gets sick, things get a little more complicated. Below are the diseases and their treatments:


All of the above mentioned potions can be purchased from traders or crafters.

For Pals that are incapacitated, the only way to revive them is to place them in one of your Palboxes and let them rest for about 10 minutes. If your Pal is knocked out in the middle of battle, you can retrieve it and return it to your Palbox later.

5. How to ride Pal

To ride a Pal, the player needs to satisfy two conditions: Catch a Pal that can be ridden and create a Saddle. There are many types of Pals that can be ridden across different types of terrain using different methods, such as running, swimming or flying. However, at the beginning of the game, players will not have many options, so Rushoar and Melpaca will be the best candidates.


Finding and catching these Pals at low levels is quite easy. In addition, the recipe for making their Saddles will also be unlocked at levels 6 and 7 in the Technology table. It should be noted that you must own a riding Pal to be able to create a saddle specifically for it.


Before you can craft a saddle, you need to create a Pal Gear Workbench. Its blueprint is also unlocked at level 6 in the Technology panel. After completing the saddle, the player does not need to equip it, but just needs to summon and approach the Pal who wants to ride, an option to ride will appear.

6. Sanity (SAN) – an indicator that cannot be ignored

Sanity (SAN) is a hidden mechanism that has great influence in Palworld, forcing players to rethink the way they coordinate the work of their Pals. At the base, the player can assign the Pals anything as long as they have the right characteristics. However, when working or hungry, their SAN will decrease, they will start to neglect their work and may get sick.


To prevent that from happening, players need to prepare a bed for Pal so they can rest at night, and arrange a reasonable work schedule so they can change shifts. Also, make sure they are well fed. Finally, players can build a Hot Spring in the base so they can rest there and increase their SAN in the process.

GameHub will continue to update other guides about Palword in the near future.

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