Smite 2: MOBA War of the Gods will conduct Alpha Test this spring

Developer Titan Forge Games and publisher Hi-Rez Studios announced Smite 2postscript of Smitegame title MOBA The unique third-person perspective has been available since 2014. Smite 2 will be built entirely on Unreal Engine 5, expected to be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. . The game still doesn’t have an official release date, but closed Alpha Testing will begin this spring.


Titan Forge Games says Smite 2 will feature a diverse roster of gods from all kinds of mythologies around the world. While some gods will be kept as they were in Smite, others “There will be new animations and FX, even redesigned skills.”

Below is the trailer introducing Smite 2:

Along with news of the Alpha test, Titan Forge Games also revealed Hecate, the first deity exclusive to Smite 2. “She brings an elegant play style to Smite 2 with her ranged moves and magic that allows her to reach and traverse dimensions,” the studio wrote in a tweet.


In addition, Titan Forge Games also said it will remove the Relic system and instead, a player’s entire six-slot item inventory can have effects activated by pressing a button. In addition, Smite 2 also adds Stealth Zones, buffs with the ability to change the game when players defeat Gold Fury and new minion squads. And of course, the Jungle map will have many improvements compared to Smite and players can “Interact with the map like never before”.

On VideoGamesChronicle, Smite 2 executive producer Travis Brown talked about the team’s decision not to port over Smite’s skins (skin system) to the sequel. Brown said: “Existing content from Smite 1 won’t be ported directly to Smite 2, but don’t worry; just because your content isn’t ported directly doesn’t mean we’re not rewarding our loyal players in Smite 2 because of the time, money and achievements they have devoted to the game.”

Foxgirl9 – A skin of Da Ji, or Dac Ky, a mythical character very familiar to Vietnamese gamers through Phong Than

VGC said Titan Forge Games claims that each skin will take about two months if it wants to move from Smite, running on Unreal Engine 3, to Smite 2, which is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. With more than 1600 skins, if the developer Converting all of them to Smite 2, according to calculations, will take up to 246 years to complete.

Smite 2 will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in the future. A closed Alpha Test will be conducted this spring.​

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