Silent Hill: Ascension sets release date


Silent Hill: Ascension will debut on October 31. Games Silent Hill new is a community-driven livestream series where fans will have the power to decide the fate of the characters.

Announced last year alongside two other Silent Hill projects, Silent Hill: Ascension will be a new step in the series. survival horror famous. The series will focus on protagonists from various parts of the world who have been tormented by different Silent Hill monsters. The viewer’s task will be to help the characters survive throughout the episodes of Ascension. Every decision in the game is final after the series of events ends, unlike typical choice-based games where players can receive multiple endings.

Fans of horror IP’s Konami You can pre-register for Silent Hill: Ascension through the Google Play Store and download the game for free starting today release. On October 2, the official release date of the first episode was updated. Specifically, episode 1 of Ascension will be shown on October 31 at 6 p.m. Pacific time. Based on the description, the game will have different daily live streams depending on player decisions. Players can also follow the series according to their personal needs. However, the developer has not revealed the total number of episodes that Ascension will have.

Many Silent Hill fans have expressed excitement for the release date of Silent Hill: Ascension because they have had to wait a long time until Konami revealed a new Silent Hill project. However, some people are not too excited about Ascension due to the release of the above game mobile devices. Additionally, some people still aren’t getting the hang of Ascension’s live series format and are hoping the franchise’s classic survival horror gameplay will return.​

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