ShiftUp reveals the model behind Stellar Blade’s female lead


Title developers action adventure game PS5 exclusive has revealed the person behind the main character of Stellar Blade. Shift Up first announced the game under the name Project Eve in 2019 with a planned cross-platform release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. During the PlayStation State of Play event in September 2022, the game got a new name and was labeled a PS5 exclusive.

Account ShiftUpWorld (which updates all information related to Shift Up games like Stellar Blade, NIKKE, and Destiny Child) shared that Stellar Blade’s main character is actually built based on a 3D digital scan. belong to model Korean Shin Jae Eun. The account also shared a clip recording part of the 3D scanning process and comparing the model with Eve.


Characters being digitally modeled after actors has been a fairly common trend in many AAA games, often to help accentuate the character’s appearance. The ability to digitally scan real-life models gives game characters a realistic feel. For example, the Like a Dragon franchise features a number of real-life Wrestlers and famous Japanese actors. Fans commented that Eve looked like Shin Jae-eun entered the game thanks to the digital scan.

Stellar Blade was originally scheduled to release in 2023, but Sony recently announced that the game will be delayed to 2024. Although Shift Up has not given an explanation for this change, the developer Developers may need more time to take full advantage of the PS5’s hardware and capabilities. Many people are still looking forward to the release of Stellar Blade, including notable names in the gaming industry like Yoko Taro, director of Nier Automata.


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