Sena continues to be accused of owing 2 billion for the football season, the creditor issued an ultimatum if they do not pay on time, they will be sent to prison.

Truong “Sena“Tuan Tu.

The latest information about Tu Sena posted by Ma Vuong Zeros is making the fan community League of Legends noisy. Accordingly, because “horses are used to old ways”, Sena continues to be accused of owing up to 2 billion VND. The creditor gave an ultimatum that if he does not pay on time, he and his personal lawyer will sue Sena in court.

Specifically, on the morning of July 11, Zeros Minh Loc posted a screenshot of a conversation between him and the person believed to be Sena’s creditor. This person said that Sena owed him a large amount of money this football season, the number was up to 2 billion VND. Zeros himself also loaned Sena 100 million VND, now it will probably be difficult to get it back.

The creditor lent Sena 2 billion to play football, Zeros also gave his teammates 100 million.

Zeros also posted a photo of Sena holding a debt paper in the comments section to prove that he did not “create content” but that this incident is real.

Not only that, this creditor also posted a notice in Sena’s private community group to shame the male player into paying the debt on time or else he would stress and put Sena in jail for fraud.


This time, there is no longer Master Ba or SBTC who can stand up to save Sena. The player’s fan community was also fed up when Tu Sena was given the opportunity to rebuild his life and rebuild his playing career over and over again, but he wasted it and did not know how to appreciate it.

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