Sega shared a few things about the “Super Game” expected to launch in 2026


Segathe publisher behind brands such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Like a Dragon, Personaetc., provided a small update on development progress”Super game” expected to be ready in 2026. This ambitious project was first announced in 2021 with little to no specific information about the scale, structure or appearance of the Sega IP .

One of Sega’s chief operating officers, Mr. Shuji Utsumi, shared a few words about the status of “Super Games” in an annual report. Mr. Utsumi affirmed that the project is going smoothly and is still aiming for a 2026 release year when it has just entered the production phase. The director also added that the game will seek to appeal “to the full spectrum gaming ecosystem“, including players, streamers, and viewers.


Currently, the specific concept of what the “Supergame” will entail remains unclear. However, Sega is pumping a huge amount of resources into the project. When the game was first announced in 2021, the developer expressed consideration about spending huge amounts of money, over 800 million USD, on game development. Is Sega continuing to spend this money now or does the company plan to pour more capital into “Super Game” two years after its announcement. Additionally, the developer has yet to mention the popular IP or character they plan to use for this community-driven online platform experience.

Mr. Utsumi seems to imply that “Super Game” has just moved into full production so fans may have to wait a long time to receive more information about the game’s genre, gameplay, structure and IP Sega related. If the release date doesn’t change, Sega will probably reveal the entire project in 2025.

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