SE announced the official Aerith model, fans were disappointed because it was not as beautiful as expected

Recently Square Enix has revealed 2 new products in its model collection and this time the character is none other than Aerith Gainsborough’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake. With her beautiful appearance, Aerith has always been one of the most popular female characters in the game besides beautiful women Tifa Lockhart.​


Aerith’s models are divided into two categories: Static Arts and Play Arts, in which Aerith wears one of her most beautiful dresses in the Wall Market section. Static Arts is a static model and is sold for 179.99 USD (about 4.1 million VND). Meanwhile, Play Arts is a moving model with facial expressions and changeable postures. Play Arts costs 154.99 USD (about 3.5 million VND).

However, it seems that some players are not too satisfied with Aerith’s model. They think that the details of the model look quite rough, especially the joints of the limbs. The model’s face is not as beautiful and sympathetic as Aerith in the game.

Static Arts Static Model:

Play Arts dynamic model:

These 2 models will be released in June 2022, players can currently pre-order through Square Enix’s online store:​

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