Sand Land – Role-playing game adapted from the manga of the creator of Dragon Ball has a release date set


Sand Land Set in a post-apocalyptic desert world where everyone, including humans and demons, lack water. To solve this problem, a group of humans and demons set out to find the legendary spring to end their persistent thirst.

The game was first announced last year at Summer Games Fest, where people were treated to the arid setting and stunning graphics of Sand Land. Publisher Bandai Namco calling on players: “Let’s go together BeelzebubThief and Chief Rao prepare to explore the vast desert and take on the Imperial Army in a variety of customizable vehicles.”

In addition, PlayStation Blog also revealed more about Sand Land’s gameplay. Using Hovercars and their heavier cousins, Hovertanks, players can move around and engage in combat. Players can also customize weapons, skins, and vehicle decals.

Sand Land will release three editions including Standard, Deluxe and Collectors. The Standard version provides the base game, players will receive an additional Speed ​​Demon Pack, two Army Base and Hideout Room Furniture Sets and Beelzebub Decal Set when purchasing the Deluxe version. The Collector’s Edition comes with all of the above plus a customizable Beelzebub model, Postcard set and display book.


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