Rumor has it that PUBG 2 has been cancelled, all content has been converted into an update to the original game

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Krafton was on the rise PUBG 2 but it seems this project will no longer have a chance to see the sunshine. The information was revealed by PlayerIGN, who are described as “dedicated to providing news and leaks about games by PUBG Studio”. For those who don’t know, PlayerIGN was also the one who broke the news that PUBG 2 was being developed last January.


In an interview with The Loadout, PlayerIGN said that PUBG 2, internally known as Project Re: BORN, encountered many problems during development and was forced to cancel. Instead, the content being developed for PUBG 2 such as new weapons, revival systems, etc. will turn into updates for the original game.

Also according to PlayerIGN, part of the reason the project was canceled was due to the epidemic, Krafton had to skip major projects to focus on adding new content to the original version, ensuring players do not get bored. Krafton has not yet confirmed these rumors.


Besides the canceled Project Re:BORN, PlayerIGN also found evidence that Krafton is developing one Battle Royal brand new called Project Titan. This is said to be the successor of PUBG and is related to The Callisto Protocol, a horror game set in PUBG from Striking Distance Studio. According to this leaker’s prediction, Project Titan will revolve around a death battle between prisoners dropped on Titan, Saturn’s largest satellite. All official information about Project Titan has not yet been revealed.

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