Rumor has it that PES 2022 will be a free game

In spite of FIFA is dominating the soccer genre in the virtual world industry but Pro Evolution Soccer belong to Konami always finds its own place. After canceling the release of a new sequel in 2021, not long ago, Konami suddenly surprised players with a demo of PES 2022.​


Currently there is very little information regarding this new sequel (we don’t even know if it will be called PES 2022 or not) but there are rumors that this will be a free game. Appearing on VGC Off The Record, reporter Andy Robinson revealed that Konami will breathe life into PES 2022 with many new experiments and give gamers true free play.

Previously, Konami also explained that they will not release new games in this series in 2021 because they need more time for new changes. Its beginning was the use of Unreal Engine instead of Fox Engine – the engine developed by Konami itself, used for the PES series since PES 2014.​


It seems that Konami is preparing for a spectacular return to the gaming industry. There are rumors that the company is developing a game Silent Hill new. The fans became even more excited when Bloober Teamthe studio famous for horror games such as The Medium or Blair Witch, revealed that it will cooperate with Konami, temporarily the Japanese developer remains silent about rumors related to Silent Hill.

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