Rockstar and Remedy are involved in a Logo copyright dispute


Take-Two Interactiveparent company of Rockstar are trying to prevent Remedy used the new logo by arguing that it could cause confusion with the Rockstar brand. Dispute This brand has appeared on webpage of the UK Intellectual Property Office. Specifically, Take-Two has filed a protest against Remedy’s use of the new logo as well as developer Alan Wake’s ownership of the above logo design.

The protest application does not go into detail about Take-Two’s dispute, but it can be speculated that the stylized R in Remedy’s logo is what caused Take-Two to appear on behalf of the creator of GTA. Rockstar’s logo also uses a stylized R, although it looks very different from Remedy.


In the past, the company has licensed mods for the Grand Theft Auto series, including GTA 4 upgrades and fan-made remasters. The above move is intended to eliminate all competition for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, Remaster version of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas.

Additionally, Take-Two Interactive has also been involved in a number of copyright claims over the past few years involving various businesses and products. In 2021, Take-Two filed to trademark the game’s name It Takes Two belong to Hazelight. The developer of the Best Games of 2021 has relinquished ownership of the franchise.

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