Riot Games holds all 5 Esports-related awards of The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards 2023 is still happening, but a few less important awards have officially been revealed. Prominent among them are 5 awards related to Esports, including: Esports Player of the Year, Esports Team of the Year, Esports Tournament of the Year, Esports Coach of the Year and Esports Game of the Year. Surprisingly, or not at all surprisingly, all 5 awards were given to the people/teams or games under their control. Riot Games.




As seen, the three categories all belong to players, teams and tournaments of League of Legends, Riot’s main game, which has always been the most followed Esports game in the world. The remaining 2 categories belong to Valorant, Riot Games’ new FPS game, which is also extremely worthy of having an amazingly successful performance since its launch.

The Game Awards 2023 is still being broadcast on Youtube and other platforms, follow along now to not miss the biggest event of the year in the gaming industry:

GameHub will continuously update the latest information about The Game Awards 2023.​

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