Revived Witch – Where the player plays the Revived Witch to reveal the secret of the parallel world


Yostar Gamesthe publisher of the popular Arknights, recently announced its upcoming title coming to iOS and Android later this year, Revived Witch. It is known that this is the title RPG games Pixel art on mobile with characters designed with a strong Japanese anime feel. Players will begin their journey as a witch with amnesia, then travel through parallel worlds in an attempt to uncover the secrets of the great war that is threatening. everything is there.

As soon as entering the game, players will find themselves in a chaotic time space and must try to find the mysteries behind the shifting world. Different puzzles embedded in a scenario will change continuously, giving players more entertainment elements during their expedition. When encountering enemies, players will be taken to a real-time combat system, master the power of Order and Chaos and defeat the enemy.

In addition to the engaging storyline and gameplay, Revived Witch also attracts players with its 3D setting that combines Live2D motion, and the characters are also designed in a cute anime style. The game will also have an immersive weather system, providing players with a different experience with light and darkness.


Revived Witch has opened pre-registration on both platforms, interested readers can watch HERE.

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