Revealing the shocking mystery of ancient insects, a cruel and unsolved evil magic

Chongming (or roughly translated as The Cry of Insects) is a title horror game Exploiting the topic of “ancient insects” – a mysterious black magic of ancient China. So what is “ancient insect”, and are the strange rumors surrounding it true? Let’s learn about this secret technique with GameHub through Trung Minh’s story!

Sung Minh is a young reporter working for a newspaper in the city. Because his colleague Tieu Vuong had just unfortunately passed away from a drug overdose, he was forced to replace Tieu Vuong and go to Vu Coc village to get documents to make a travel report. But this is not an ordinary village. Rumor has it that Vu Coc village has the custom of raising “gut insects”, every family knows more or less about the art of raising guinea worms.​

Sung Minh was forced to go on a business trip to replace his deceased colleague, Tieu Vuong

According to records in ancient documents, to create ancient insects, ancient breeders would trap many types of poisonous insects and let them devour and kill each other; The last surviving one will become the “neck”. There are many thrilling stories surrounding the “gut insect”, in which this evil thing is often used to poison or control others.

Returning to Vu Coc village, this is a closed village located far from the city, nestled in a remote mountain area with few visitors. It was dark, Sung Minh went to the village chief’s house and saw a photo of the Tet meal hanging in the living room. When he got closer and looked closely, he was horrified to discover that what they were eating was not fish or meat but insects. A creepy feeling welled up in Sung Minh’s heart. Is it true that the rumors about this village raising Gu worms are true?


But before Sung Minh could find a solution to this problem, he overheard the story of Dieu Van Tinh – a crazy woman in the village, who forced her son Hua Lac Lac to eat insects, causing him to vomit. He vomited and had to be taken to the emergency medical station. Sung Minh went to the medical station to find out the situation and witnessed Lac Lac’s grandparents causing trouble there. They insisted on performing an exorcism and taking their grandson to the mountains to find medicine rather than allowing doctors to treat him. While insulting their daughter-in-law, the couple accidentally revealed a terrifying secret… Dieu Van Tinh was bought by them to be their son’s wife.

It turns out that people in Vu Coc village specialize in using high-paying jobs as bait to lure young girls from other places into the village and then detain them, forcing them to marry and have children with men in the village. For disobedient women, villagers often brutally beat, starve or, more seriously, ask “gu insects” from “Tien Co” to return to control them. That year, Dieu Van Tinh also went to the village to look for work and became a victim of human trafficking.

Villagers often donate money to Tien Co to ask for ancient insects

Due to being stubborn and refusing to settle down as “a wife”, Van Tinh was forced by villagers to eat ancient insects and from then on became foolish. But in reality, Van Tinh did not go crazy, she just used that cover to find an opportunity to get her son to escape from this cruel hell on earth. Van Tinh was also not the one who forced Lac Lac to eat insects. Due to bad luck, Lac Lac was bitten by a poisonous insect and injured.

Along with discovering the secret of Vu Coc village, Sung Minh also gradually discovered the truth of Tieu Vuong’s death. During a visit to this village, Tieu Vuong accidentally discovered that his superior had a business relationship with the village chief. When he returned to the city, Tieu Vuong brought this story to threaten his superiors and was murdered by him. He just didn’t expect that Tieu Vuong had left evidence at Dieu Van Tinh’s place. Thanks to this evidence, Sung Minh reported to the police to arrest the villains of Vu Coc village as well as rescue the girls who were taken here.

Dieu Van Tinh – the unfortunate girl was forced to marry and give birth to a man in Vu Coc village

Until the end of the game, there are no details confirming whether “gu worms” really exist or not, but are the villagers themselves a type of “gu worms”? Aren’t Sung Minh and Tieu Vuong’s superiors also worms willing to risk everything for personal gain? Just imagine, if the business between him and Vu Coc village is successful, turning this place into a tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists, I don’t know how many unfortunate girls like Dieu Van Tinh will become became a tool that this village imprisoned for life.

Many girls have become tools for the people of Vu Coc village

The children in the village are also another reflection of the “gu worm”. If Vu Coc village is not destroyed, the children who are infected with this distorted ideology every day may become people similar to their ancestors – “old insects” that corrode the lives of others.

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