Revealing evidence that Bandai Namco is developing a new One Piece game

Seems like a game One Piece is being planned for development, based on the new brand Bandai Namco and Shueisha publishing company just registered. As one of the most famous manga series of all time, One Piece has been the inspiration for many games over the years.


Released in 1997, One Piece follows Monkey D.Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, as he and his teammates travel from island to island in search of the mythical treasure called One Piece. Currently, the license to produce One Piece video games as well as all games based on products published by Weekly Shonen Jump is held by Bandai Namco. According to information from Shonen Jump News’ Twitter page, the trademark for the game One Piece Odyssey was registered by Bandai Namco and Shueisha, the company that owns Weekly Shonen Jump and One Piece.

Unfortunately, except for the name, no information about the game has been revealed. Even the name “One Piece Odyssey” doesn’t help us guess anything about the game’s content. The world of One Piece is too large and suitable for developing most game genres from triple-A open world to a small mobile game.


One Piece has been adapted into many games by Bandai Namco on different platforms and One Piece Odyssey may be the next name to continue the journey. GameHub will update new information about the game to readers as soon as possible.

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