Removed from Steam immediately upon release, The Day Before “trick” was suddenly sold at sky-high prices

As you know, the game is known as the “trick” of 2023, receiving countless negative comments on SteamThe Day Before, was removed from platforms as soon as it was released. And just 4 days later, developer Fntastic also announced its closure amid boos from the gaming community.

But the surprising thing is, when this game stopped selling, players could no longer buy the game directly, and game keys on third-party platforms were suddenly sold at sky-high prices. Recently, YouTuber Garrus shared a photo showing that he spent 200 Euros (about 5.3 million VND) to buy back the game key for The Day Before. Meanwhile, before, this game was only worth 40 USD (about 974,000 VND).


So what makes people spend money 5 times higher than the actual value to buy back the game key, especially when everyone knows this is a bad game?

Garrus explained that the reason he did this was because he wanted to take advantage of it before the game server completely closed, so his followers could understand how bad The Day Before was. Many other content creators also have similar thoughts, and third-party platforms take this opportunity to make a profit.

In addition, many people do not rule out the possibility that in the future some gamer will create a separate server to help The Day Before revive, this has happened with similar games. This is also a reason why game keys increase in price. At the same time, a part of players are still trying to protect the game and hope for a new DLC or update.​

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