Refresh the look of old games with the RTX Remix tool

Mod (or ingame content editing) has long been a part of the culture of PC games. And soon, the world of game modding may be about to undergo one of the biggest changes ever as technology RTX Remix belong to Nvidia Enters Open Beta later this month.

RTX Remix offers a set of tools that will allow users to remaster any classic game they want starting January 22. At that time, owners of compatible GeForce RTX graphics cards will be able to download the above toolkit and try to “makeover” their favorite game for themselves.

RTX Remix Toolkit intended to assist in the creation of mods image enhancement for old PC games from many different eras. Essentially, RTX Remix can add ‘RTX features’ like Ray Tracing to older games and even simplify the process of comprehensive graphics mods.

Nvidia demonstrated this technology using RTX Remix to create Portal RTX – an amazingly visually enhanced version of Valve’s first-person puzzle game. Nvidia also introduced Half-Life 2 RTX, version overhaul Complete version of a more classic game after the modder Refresh the in-game graphics using the above tool.

When revealing RTX Remix, Nvidia estimated that there were more than 10 million active modders and more than 7 billion game mods were downloaded each year. As of January 22, with the launch of RTX Remix, that number will increase.

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