Psychic Tanks – Chinese Mobile Game “similar” to the legendary Gunbound


For gamers who grew up in the 90s Gunbound belong to Softnyx (Korea) is one of the iconic PC online games and leaves many deep impressions and memories. Although this game still exists in one way or another with many different copies, the once familiar 2.0 version has been “missing” on the market for several decades. Recently, Chinese independent game titles, Psychic Tanks has attracted the attention of the gaming community when it has many characteristics, very similar to the once legendary Gunbound.

Psychic Tanks is considered to combine regular RPG elements with action well, such as a story, tons of tanks, and unique skills that can be used to destroy enemies, weaknesses, and formations. topographic. In addition, Psychic Tanks also owns a massive gacha system. Currently, this game is in the Alpha testing phase to collect player opinions and complete limitations to launch as soon as possible.

Gunbound can be considered the first Online Game title officially launched in Vietnam in January 2004. With a new playing style, high skill requirements but extremely adorable graphics, cute chibi-designed characters; Gunbound quickly captured the love of 8x and 9x gamers at that time. From this game also appeared a new term: “chicken”, to refer to weak gamers.

Childhood game Gunbound.

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