President Veres – Talented male streamer of the Vietnam Coalition community

President Veres probably not a strange name in the community Vietnam Coalition. With remarkable gaming skills and unique content creation thinking, especially the “break-in” series livestream belong to streamer extremely impressive, President Veres has built for himself a strong and enthusiastic viewer community with more than 683K members on the platform. Facebook Gaming and network Creator belong to OTA Network.


As a rather shy person when he was young, the decision to pursue the streamer path really changed President Veres’ life and himself a lot. He fell in love with the profession after graduating from University in 2018, but when he first entered the profession, he had no income from gaming yet, so he had to maintain two jobs at the same time, going to work during the day and coming back to live stream at night. can fulfill your passion. After two consecutive years, in the end, seeing great potential for development, the male streamer decided to quit his official job and invest all his time and energy into livestreaming and content creation.


Although he has officially been working as a streamer since 2019, it was not until 2021 that his name became known to more people when he officially joined OTA Network. During that time, President Veres said there were times when he really felt discouraged because he didn’t see any positive signs, but with the spirit of progress and constant learning, success came. with him as a matter of course. Not only does it provide a stable source of income, the streamer job also gives President Veres a community of active viewers and extremely open and sincere colleagues in the same profession.


Share with GameHub, President Veres said the reason he chose Facebook Gaming as the main platform to develop his career is because this is a place with good audience reach and extremely diverse and attractive money-making opportunities. For the male streamer, no path is easy, but he believes that as long as you do it with all your passion and dedication, one day you will receive worthy results. On behalf of GameHub, I wish you continued development to continue bringing unique and quality content to the gaming community in general and the Lien Quan community in particular.​

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