Portal 2’s prequel is coming soon with a lot of new content, but unfortunately it’s not developed by Valve

A group of fans is developing a mod for Portal 2 named Portal: Revolution, serves as a prequel to the iconic puzzle game by Valve. It will be a completely new experience for fans, featuring 40 unique puzzles derived from Portal 2’s mechanics. While Valve continued to not know how to count to 3 for years, fans were blown away. lives up to the franchise with the countless mods they create, all of which take advantage of timeless puzzle mechanics.


Some popular mods include the Portal remaster, which adds RTX for improved graphical fidelity, or the Portal 2 expansion mod, which tells a new story while upgrading the game’s graphics to comparable levels. Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx. Portal: Revolution is another mod that expands the world of Portal 2, including mechanics from the original game along with new features re-engineered from existing ones.


Portal: Revolution’s initial trailer shows how the game takes place at Portal 2’s derelict Aperture Science testing center, which has begun to show signs of decline. The test subject the player takes control of comes with a new AI named Sterling, who tasks them with bringing the place back to life. Immediately after this short interaction, the trailer shows off gameplay that involves a number of puzzles that players will need to solve, including redirecting laser beams with blocks, using space portals to take down certain turrets. determined… Players will need an official copy of Portal 2 to play this mod.​

While the original trailer had a release date of January 5, 2024, the mod is currently not available for download. According to a recent update video by Stefan Heinz, the mod’s designer, it was completely playable from start to finish but Valve failed to review and approve the mod on time, causing the launch schedule to be delayed. behind schedule. It appears Valve is testing it before allowing downloads, which Heinz estimates could take a week or longer.​


Page Steam of Portal: Revolution featured specifics, such as puzzles using only blue Portal guns, along with a new laser block variant. The difficulty is also described as being similar to the levels seen in the final Portal 2, with all new mechanics and a difficulty level accessible to anyone. Once the team receives approval from Valve, this will be another exciting way for players to return to the world of Portal 2.​

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