Pocketpair reveals the 10 most popular Pals in Palworld


Till now, Palworld owns more than 100 Pal so players can capture and add to their creature list. Pals come in all shapes and sizes, from cute friends like Lamball to giant dragons like Jetragon. After several months of experiencing the game and taming the Pals, Palworld players have found the Pals they like the most based on their design or usability.

Pocketpair recently announced the results of its Valentine’s Day contest, aimed at determining the most popular Pals in Palworld. Many people did not appear surprised when Chillet is the leader of the rankings because this companion frequently appears in Palworld fanart. Here it is Top 10 most popular Pals in Palworld:​

  1. Chillet​

  2. Depresso​

  3. Katress​

  4. Anubis​

  5. Quivern​

  6. Lamball​

  7. Daedream​

  8. Relaxaurus​

  9. Cattiva​

  10. Pengullet​

The above list is subject to change as new Pals and features are added to the open world survival game. The first new Pal, Bellanoir, has become a favorite companion for many players despite not yet being released in the game.

In addition, the introduction of new features of Palworld also has a certain impact on the above rankings. For example, future PvP mode will help Pals with useful combat skills climb the rankings and become “hot” with the player community. This list will change by the time Palworld 1.0 is released.


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