Plot summary of Paper Wedding Dress 5 – Deep in nightmares, will the tragedy continue?

After the success of the previous 4 parts, developer HeartBeat Plus continues to release the next sequel of this game series called Paper Wedding Dress 5: Dream of No World. Infinite is a word used in Buddhism to mean “without stopping”. “Dreams of No Time” means dreams that last continuously, without stopping, this partly reveals the atmosphere throughout the game. So finally Paper Wedding Dress 5 brings us a story, let’s find out with GameHub!

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This story takes place in Ich Xuong town – a place that has many similarities with Trang Linh village that gamers are familiar with. Because he wanted to pursue a girl named Dao Mong Yen, the male lead Tuan Nguyen Phong asked Chung Tu Huyen for help and invited Dao Mong Yen to listen to the opera. All three went to the theater in Ich Xuong town. From here, strange things continued to happen.

Dao Mong Yen and Tuan Nguyen Phong are the reincarnations of Chuc Tieu Hong and Luong Thieu Binh.

The male lead entered the theater and stood from behind looking at Dao Mong Yen and Chung Tu Huyen. At this moment, the silhouette of a girl wearing a cheongsam appeared again. Gamers who have played Paper Wedding Dress 2 will recognize that this girl is Chuc Tieu Hong, and the male lead Tuan Nguyen Phong is the reincarnation of Luong Thieu Binh.

The three people sat down to listen to the song, but just a moment later, an incident happened. The stage started to burn, the theater door was locked, and the phone lost all signal. Luong Son Ba’s tablet on stage also turned into Luong Thieu Binh’s tablet, it can be confirmed that this incident was aimed at them.

At this time, Dao Mong Yen told both of them what happened in the past. Due to constantly having nightmares, Tieu Dao (also Dao Mong Yen) returned to her birthplace, Trang Linh village, to investigate the cause, but the village chief ordered someone to tie her up to sacrifice her. But right after that, the unjust soul of Sat Kim Cang appeared to save Tieu Dao.

It turns out that when he was alive, Sat Kim Cang was Luong Thieu Binh, Chuc Tieu Hong’s lover. Chuc Tieu Hong is Tieu Dao’s previous life. Coincidentally, Chuc Tieu Hong was the paper bride who was sacrificed 100 years ago. Luong Thieu Binh came to save her lover but was beheaded by the villagers, thereby turning into an unjust soul. Tieu Hong also committed suicide along with Thieu Binh. As for Tieu Dao, she escaped and destroyed this custom of the people of Trang Linh village.

In the theater, a female singer named Minh Linh suddenly appeared, crying and accusing Luong Thieu Binh of being ungrateful and unfaithful, causing her to die unfairly. The atmosphere here became increasingly strange. At this moment, the theater door opened but the three people discovered that they were on stage, and the audience below was made up of wooden puppets. Dao Mong Yen was taken away by wooden puppets and separated from Tuan Nguyen Phong.

The witch Minh Linh denounced Luong Thieu Binh.

On this side, Tuan Nguyen Phong saw wooden puppets reenacting the scene where he was beheaded in his previous life. The soul of the female singer Minh Linh appeared again, criticizing Luong Thieu Binh for wanting to save Chuc Tieu Hong, thus implicating innocent people. Witnessing the scene of the puppet being beheaded, Nguyen Phong also felt fear, it was like a nightmare that tightly wrapped around him. Not stopping there, Minh Linh’s ghost deepened the guilt in Nguyen Phong’s heart when she accused that in the past, it was Thieu Binh who caused trouble with people and then ran away, causing the theater to burn down and her whole family to die. bury yourself in a sea of ​​fire.

Meanwhile, Dao Mong Yen was caught in a virtual mirror. In that world, she is a patient at Mental Institute No. 13, and Tu Huyen is her doctor. According to the doctor, Mong Yen never went to the theater, but after leaving Trang Linh village, she was always hospitalized for mental problems. The story of Tu Huyen being Mong Yen’s friend or Nguyen Phong being Luong Thieu Binh’s next life are all her imagination. However, Mong Yen did not believe that and still tried to escape from here.

Dao Mong Yen ended up in a mental hospital, Chung Tu Huyen was her doctor.

When both of them overcame the psychological ghosts, they realized that it was all a trick of Do Phu Sinh, and that the female ghost Minh Linh was also impersonated by him. Do Phu Sinh is a descendant of Do Lao Tu – a resident of Trang Linh village in the past.

For those who don’t remember, Tu Lao Tu was the one who slashed Luong Thieu Binh. Although killing Luong Thieu Binh partly compensated for Do Lao Tu’s crime of negligent supervision, it was not enough to help him escape all punishment.​

Do Phu Sinh is the one behind the orchestration of everything.

Since then, the Do family has suffered a curse for many generations, and all passed away at a young age. To escape the curse, the Do family came up with a way to sacrifice a paper bride. But the paper bride needs volunteers, and Dao Mong Yen’s will is too strong, even if he sacrifices, it won’t bring the effect that the Do family wants, that’s why he finds a way to erode his will. her will.

It turned out that right from the beginning, Do Phu Sinh had staged a story of demonic destruction to stop the dismantling of the wooden puppet theater in Ich Xuong town. Knowing that Nguyen Phong was the reincarnation of Luong Thieu Binh, but because he lacked a soul and was foolish, he found an excuse to give Nguyen Phong theater tickets and then used pollen to control everyone in the theater. At the same time, he discovered that the town’s water vein had the power of Yin Sha, so he used it to arrange magic, taking advantage of the weaknesses of Tuan Nguyen Phong and Dao Mong Yen to erode their will, making Dao Mong Yen committed to becoming a paper bride.

Tuan Nguyen Phong blocked the entire slash for Dao Mong Yen.

Although the magic was broken, Dao Mong Yen and Chung Tu Huyen were still captured by the wooden puppets. In an emergency, Tuan Nguyen Phong put on a theater costume, holding a large sword and rushed to fight Do Phu Sinh. Meanwhile, a wooden puppet turned to attack Mong Yen. Nguyen Phong quickly ran out to block and received a slash from the wooden puppet, causing his soul to risk leaving his body. At this time, Do Phu Sinh was also betrayed, his life was like a lamp in the wind. Before he died, he revealed to Mong Yen how to save Nguyen Phong, Mong Yen immediately set out to save her lover.

Nhiep Mac Le appeared, preventing Mac Khanh and Kieu Dong from returning to the earthly world.

The above is plot Main article of Paper Wedding Dress 5, but don’t leave yet, because at the end, the developer revealed a credits scene about the fight between Nhiep Mac Le, Vuong Kieu Dong and Mac Khanh. At this time, Nhiep Mac Le appeared in a devil bride’s outfit with red eyes, intending to prevent Kieu Dong and Mac Khanh from returning to the living world. But at this time, Tuan Nguyen Phong suddenly appeared, signaling the beginning of a fierce battle that could take place in the next sequel.

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