PlayStation Plus announces free games for April

The following titles will be free for subscribers PlayStation Plus from April 2 to Monday May 6:​

Additionally, subscribers can also own The Overwatch 2 Mega Bundle.

Sadly, of the three games mentioned above, Immortals of Aveum failed to create any real buzz upon release and faced many mixed reviews. “Combining repetitive, imprecise combat with annoying characters and loads of pointless lore, Immortals of Aveum is almost so bad that it makes it unique. Almost.” Eurogamer’s Immortals of Aveum review.


The studio behind the game blamed the poor sales on the rushed release time, causing Immortals of Aveum to clash with competitors like Baldur’s Gate 3. This led to the company having to lay off 45% of its staff. .

Besides Immortals of Aveum, Minecraft Legends also did not make a big impression upon release, being considered “a messy and lacking in emphasis”.

However, the remaining name will become the highlight of the above list. Skul: The Hero Slayer received quite positive reviews. The game has attractive gameplay, described as Hades horizontal screen version.


In general, the list free games belong to PlayStation Plus April There’s only one bright spot besides two pretty bad names. However, since they’re free, if you’re subscribed to Sony’s service, why not spend a few hours experiencing how bad they are? Who knows, you might find it interesting because of those bad things?

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