Playing New World, the female gamer bluntly exposed the developer

New World – title open world game due Amazon Hardly developed, it officially launched the beta version last week. Although there are still many technical problems, the appeal of the game cannot be denied. Amazon’s masterpiece has attracted 200,000 players at the same time on the Internet. Steambecoming one of the most played games on the platform.​


Also participating in the beta of New World, but unlike other players, female gamer named Lulu Chiba does not care much about the interesting open world of New World, what makes her most excited is that peel off Developers. It is known that Lulu Chiba used to be the community director for Going Under (Aggro Crab Games) and Backbone (Eggnut Ganes), currently her Twitter account has up to 80,000 followers.

After discovering that official names like AmazonOfficial or AmazonSupport were not banned in New World, Lulu Chiba set her in-game ID as AmazonOfficial and used this name to denounce the harsh things that happened. while working at Amazon. The female gamer said Amazon employees are working in extremely poor and forced conditions. They are always under the supervision of Alexa, which collects employee data and eavesdrops on whether they sell Amazon information to rival companies. Even the workers here are not allowed to go to the bathroom and have to pee in water bottles during their shifts.​


Lulu Chiba accused Amazon of being harsh with its employees, forcing them to urinate in water bottles

Lulu Chiba also said she did not care about being banned from New World, because she only intended to play the beta version and had no interest in going any further with this game. According to the female gamer, instead of New World, people should switch to playing Final Fantasy 14.

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