Play Together VNG won 2 awards at the YouTube Works Awards

YouTube Works Awards is a special award from YouTube to honor the campaigns with the most outstanding advertising videos in Vietnam on this platform. At the Awards Ceremony, game title Play Together VNG of publisher VNGGames was honored in two categories: The Collaborator and The All Action Hero.
Specifically, this game won 1st prize in The Collaborator category – a category honoring brands that have the most effective and creative combination with the YouTube Creators community (content creators). In the category The All Action Hero – honoring successful campaigns in optimizing the ability to promote action of the YouTube platform, the Play Together VNG launch campaign in Vietnam also excellently won 2nd prize with excellent results. impressive results.

The Play Together team received awards at the YouTube Works Awards in two categories: The Collaborator and The All Action Hero.

In the game launch campaign in 2022, Play Together VNG has launched TVC Returning home together, Get the idea from preparing for the streamer’s adventure to the “new home” Play Together VNG. This game was also released Moving house song Play Together VNG Using a melody familiar to Vietnamese people, especially young gamers, gives specific instructions for each conversion operation, helping viewers easily remember and perform.

Both TVC and Moving House Song quickly attracted the young gamer community in Vietnam thanks to accurately capturing the psychology of GenZ and the desire of young people to bring the hottest game of 2021 to Vietnam. Male. The campaign also achieved success thanks to choosing the right “Pioneers” – KOLs who lead throughout the game launch stages to inspire everyone to achieve the campaign goals.

Play Together VNG won the highest award in the Collaborator category.

Not stopping there, Play Together VNG also owns a community of hundreds of large and diverse content creators in both age, creative style and audience. Among them, there are 75 creators who produce content periodically every day. The number of followers of Play Together creators has surpassed 30 million. Videos about Play Together VNG attract 70 million views per month on YouTube, thereby contributing to spreading the appeal of this game, while also bringing the brand beyond the limits of a game and becoming an entertainment topic. Popular position on the YouTube platform. This has helped Play Together VNG become an excellent brand, winning the highest position in the Collaborator category at the YouTube Works Awards Vietnam 2023.


Ms. Ngo Thi Soa – Department Head Game Studio 9 VNGGames shared: “We were very happy and surprised to be named at the YouTube Works Awards. This award is a great source of encouragement for the efforts of the Play Together VNG team in bringing players more entertainment value than just a game product.


Play Together VNG is the version released in Vietnam of the “hot trend” game Play Together during the pandemic. During the quarantine period, the virtual world Play Together has become a new and interesting playground, connecting millions of people around the world. Here, players can “make money” by fishing, helping the policeman find lost items, helping the janitor pick up trash, helping the salesman deliver pizza; or participate in mimi games, parties, concerts, even go to school to interact and make new friends.

As of September 2023, Play Together VNG has welcomed nearly 30 million players in just over a year of launch. The number of players accessing the game every day is regularly at 2 million gamers. With a large community, the game continuously reaches Top 1 on the free game rankings of the App Store and Google Play. At the same time, Play Together VNG also reached the Top 5 Game of the Year categories Vietnam GameVerse 2023.

Not only active in community building activities on online platforms, Play Together VNG also regularly organizes many impressive offline activities. Offline Experience converting Play Together VNG version in June 2022, bringing together more than 30 content creators and reporters. The Giant Rabbit Mid-Autumn Festival lantern placed at Crescent Mall (HCMC) in the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2022 has attracted thousands of young people to take check-in photos and share on social networks.

With the desire to spread joy, Play Together VNG donated thousands of lanterns and organized a Mid-Autumn Festival night for children at SOS youth villages in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The Summer Ice Cream Truck journey rolls to 19 provinces and cities across the country, giving away thousands of cool ice creams to children in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hanoi. The Summer Ice Cream Truck offline event also welcomed more than 20,000 participants in all 3 regions. At Vietnam GameVerse 2023, the exchange area of ​​VNGGames and Play Together VNG also welcomed more than 1,000 gamers to participate in activities.​

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