Phasmophobia adds 2 new types of ghosts that promise to capture players’ souls

Last week’s update Phasmophobia added two categories new ghosttwo daily challenges, map Willow Street House, along with some changes and bug fixes. Players should note that the two new ghost types have a 3x higher spawn rate until the next update.


New update also adds a way to reset corrupted save files, a sell button in the item shop, a profanity filter, and a confirmation timer when changing resolutions. Notable changes include: Smudge Sticks, Devil player search opportunity, and Thermometer text size.

The update also improves performance and load times on most indoor maps, players can light Smudge Sticks with candles, and sound sensors will no longer display incorrect hallway names.


Readers can see details of new content, changes and bug fixes in the update here.​

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