Persona 3 Reload’s medal list reveals a lot about the remake

Just a few days before Persona 3 Reload belong to Atlus officially launched, a full list of the game’s trophies has been posted online. Personas 3 Reload is a remake of the 2006 original, where players are tasked with defeating Shadows that appear during the full moon. Atlus has provided fans with plenty of information ahead of the game’s release, such as details on Persona 3 Reload’s day one DLC, gameplay trailers, and explanations of how some of the new mechanics work.


Like other AAA games, Persona 3 Reload will have a set of achievements/medals for players to challenge/harvest during the experience. Persona 4 Golden and trophies Personas 5 requires the player to not only complete certain parts of the story, but also carry out specific objectives in side missions. There’s less than two weeks left before Persona 3 Reload launches in February, and its full list of trophies has been posted publicly online. Basically, they have a structure quite similar to other games in the same series.

This trophy list was posted to PowerPyx, revealing that Persona 3 Reload will have 49 medals, divided into 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 7 Silver and 38 Bronze. This set of medals is similar to the list of Persona 3 Portable remaster, but 13 more trophies. These trophies are pretty basic, with story-related trophies received after defeating certain bosses, while others are more specific, such as earning a total of 50,000 yen from part time job. We will The link to this list is here in case the reader wants to find out. However, be cautious as they may contain some spoilers.

These trophies provide some insight into some of the social activities players can do in Persona 3 Reload. These include players accepting invitations to hang out with friends, harvesting vegetables from the garden, and even nursing a cat back to health. Other trophies hint at new mechanics in the game, such as the player needing to unlock their teammate’s combat trait, see all of their teammate’s Theurgy attacks, or obtain all of the Twilight Fragments Twilight Fragment in town.


Compared to Persona 3 Portable, it looks like players will be able to get all of Persona 3 Reload’s trophies faster. Although the roster is almost identical between the two games, Reload only requires one playthrough to receive story-related Gold medals, as opposed to Portable, which requires two playthroughs as the gamer must play both characters. male character and female character.

While some trophies have been added to Reload, others have been removed, such as the trophies tied to defeating Elizabeth, the Velvet Room waitress and super-powerful boss. Since players can only fight Elizabeth in New Game Plus, it’s possible that this list has been tweaked so gamers can get everything in just one playthrough, similar to Persona 5 Royal. Although there aren’t any titles attached to Elizabeth, it’s likely that players can still challenge her in the second round.

The game is expected to be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 2, 2024.​

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