Other Side of Mist and Mountain – Explore the station that takes people to hell

Wearing an atmosphere of mystery, horror, long ago urban legend Japan is always an endless source of inspiration for filmmakers and game developers. Which includes Other Side of Mist and Mountain – the game just launched to the gaming community today (March 29).

Other Side of Mist and Mountain is inspired by the story of Kisaragi station – a place that does not exist in real life. One night in early February 2004, a girl took a late trip home to return home after a long day. But the train moved for 20 minutes without stopping at any stop. Feeling strange, Hasumi posted this story on the 2ch forum – a quite popular website in Japan at that time. Next, strange things continued to happen to Hasumi, sometimes he heard the sound of bells mixed with the sound of Taiko drums; Sometimes I see the silhouette of a one-legged man.


The train only stops when it reaches a train station called Kisaragi. Hasumi immediately called the family to ask the police but received the answer that Kisaragi Station did not exist at all. Too scared, Hasumi ran out of the tunnel and met a “kind person” who proactively said he would give her a ride. Despite everyone’s warnings on the 2ch forum, the young girl was still determined to get in the car and no one saw her appear again. Since then, rumors related to Kisaragi Station began to spread widely, people believed that this was the station that took people to hell.


Returning to Other Side of Mist and Mountain, young girl Igarashi Maha also took the night train to Soukyo city to attend an event organized by a horror forum. However, she disappeared as soon as she got off at Kisaragi Station. To search for Maha, her boyfriend Yokoyama Shizuno opened a detective agency specializing in mysterious cases. It wasn’t until 5 years later that he suddenly discovered Maha’s cell phone… It seemed like she had been lost in another world and was waiting to be rescued.


Playing as Shizuno, you will have to use your reasoning ability to find clues leading to Maha’s location. Remember, every decision you make will affect the character’s life trajectory. Will Shizuno be reunited with Maha or will they both fall into the endless abyss created by the evil forces that are always watching over them? Experience the game yourself and find the answer for yourself!

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