One player recreates Flappy Bird using the most advanced game engine

You still remember Flappy Bird right? First launched in 2013, this game developed by Vietnamese programmers quickly created a fever in many countries around the world because of its cheerful graphics and difficulty considered “crazy”. However, unfortunately, nearly a year later, the developer decided to remove this game from all platforms.

To compensate for the regrets of many gamers, recently a YouTuber named “Zaidadoo” released a remake of this game with Unreal Engine 5 – one of the most advanced game design software today. This remake has been completed and is available for players to download.

However, it is not free, players need to pay to upgrade their membership in Zaidadoo’s Patreon channel to download the game. This could become a barrier for this remake to be more widely popular in the gaming community. In addition to Flappy Bird, Zaidadoo also tried its hand at recreating Pac-Man in 3D Unreal Engine 5.

This is not the first time this advanced engine has been used to remake famous games. Some famous fanmade versions using Unreal Engine 5 include: Demo Superman UE5, Halo3: ODST Remake, Demo Superman UE5. Don’t forget there’s also Demo The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Diablo 2 or the Attack on Titan remake completely free.​

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