One Piece’s live-action short film is about to air on the occasion of many important milestones


2021 is a special year for manga/anime One Piece This is the year that witnessed many important milestones for this world-famous brand. Earlier this year, chapter 1000 of manga One Piece has been released, the 100th volume is also about to be published and compiled anime The 1000th will also be broadcast this year.

To commemorate these important milestones, One Piece will release 5 short episodes titled “WE ARE ONE” is played by real people with content revolving around the readers of the series. Specifically, the film will exploit the journey of One Piece readers on the long journey of following and supporting the series. Certainly, Viewers will see their own silhouettes somewhere in this movie through the characters, as the lives of fans are always accompanied by One Piece. All episodes will be premiered on the channel. Official Youtube on August 31st.

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