One Piece anime will be completely remade, made by the studio behind Attack on Titan

Right before the Final Saga of anime One Piece launch, it was announced that the set anime This will be completely remade. This anime will be shown on Netflixis behind the studio Attack on Titan and Spy x Family perform.
This news was shared during Jump Festa 2024 along with a teaser and some design images of this anime. Although there is no release date or information about the cast, the film has been confirmed to start from Ease Blue – where manga and the original anime begins.

Established in 2012, WIT Studio made a splash when producing Spy x Family and the first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan. In addition, this is also the studio behind Rank of Kings and the first seasons of The Magus Bride or Vinland Saga.

WIT Studio President George Wada, expressed the studio’s excitement with this project. He also shared that they have invited creators from all over the world to join the studio to accompany them in producing the film.

One Piece is a legendary manga series born at the hands of author Eiichiro Oda in July 1997. Receiving the love of many readers, One Piece was adapted into an anime in 1999 and has lasted until now with more than 1000 episodes. This IP also has a version live-action live-action premiered on Netflix earlier this year.​

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