Officially starting the Lien Quan Mobile – Arena of Fame Spring 2024 tournament from March 2

Arena of Fame Spring 2024 and the RE-AWAKEN journey

Coming back to the RE-AWAKEN message, The arena of Fame Spring 2024 is like a milestone marking my renaissance journey Arena of valor Vietnam. After many ups and downs in their careers, now is the time for teams to recreate themselves, regain their position and explore hidden abilities.

Arena of Fame Spring 2024 kicks off on March 2

Not a comeback journey, RE-AWAKEN is a new chapter, requiring young talents to be strong and creative enough to overcome unprecedented challenges and break through all limits. Finally, the Sword and Shield of Fame will be awarded to the best candidate.

Arena of Fame Spring 2024 announces new competition format

The tournament will officially start from March 2 – May 19 with the following schedule: ​

  • Group stage – Phase 1 (Round of 8 teams): March 2 – April 14
  • Group stage – Phase 2 (6-team round): April 24 – April 28
  • PlayOffs 1&2: May 5
  • PlayOffs 3: May 19
Arena of Fame Roadmap Spring 2024

Different in format from previous seasons, the 2024 Spring Arena of Fame promises to be a fierce competition of 8 teams through each stage. Specifically, in the Group Stage – Phase 1 this year:​

  • 8 teams will compete in a 2-round round robin
  • For each BO5 match won, the winning team will receive 1 point
  • The losing team in the BO5 match will not receive points

After finishing the Group Stage – Phase 1, the Top 6 teams with the highest rankings will move on to the Group Stage – Phase 2. Here, the teams will continue to compete in a round-robin format to Find 4 great teams in the PlayOffs round.​

  • For each BO5 match won, the winning team will receive 1 point
  • Conversely, the losing team in a BO5 match will not receive points
  • Note: If teams have the same score after the end of Stage 2, the final ranking will be decided based on the teams’ rankings in Stage 1

With this change, Spring 2024 Arena of Fame promises to bring exciting, dramatic and eye-catching battles, true to the RE-AWAKEN spirit of the tournament. Facing a new season full of challenges, teams are required to be truly brave, creative and highly focused to be able to overcome long-term challenges.

Spring 2024 national football competition format

Announcing 8 teams participating in the 2024 Spring Arena of Fame

List of 8 teams participating in the Spring 2024 World Cup

Not only are there changes in the format, the 2024 Spring Team also welcomes the appearance of extremely bright rookies. Specifically, in this year’s season, 8 teams will compete: Saigon Phantom (SGP), One Star Esports (1S – Formerly V Gaming), GG Live (GGL), FPT x Flash (FPT – Formerly Team Flash), The DareDevil Team (TDT), ING Media (ING – Formerly known as HQ Esports), Black SaRus Sports (BSS – Formerly known as Tan Voi Gaming), HEAVY (HEV).

New teams along with “blockbuster” contracts have been activated, 8 teams participating in the Spring 2024 World Cup are ready to compete for the most prestigious position of Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam.

Announcement of Spring 2024 TDDV award structure

In addition to the noble Sword and Shield of Fame, the 2024 Spring Tour continues to bring prizes with a total value of up to 6 billion VND. Specifically:​

Spring 2024 Teleservice Award structure
  • Champion: 1,800,000,000 VND
  • Rank 2: 1,000,000,000 VND
  • 3rd place: 700,000,000 VND
  • Rank 4: 600,000,000 VND
  • Rank 5: 550,000,000 VND
  • Rank 6: 500,000,000 VND
  • Rank 7: 400,000,000 VND
  • Rank 8: 350,000,000 VND

TH FMVP (Best Player): 100,000,000 VND – Award sponsored by TH true JUICE milk.

Best team: 50,000,000 VND (10,000,000 VND/Position).

Fruit milk drink TH true JUICE milk and Instant Noodles brand HAO HAO are the sponsors of the Spring 2024 Service Team.


The 2024 Spring Arena of Fame continues to be honored to receive the companionship of sponsor TH true JUICE milk. Developed by TH Group and launched in 2020, TH true JUICE milk is a healthy beverage brand and has quickly received love and trust from a large number of consumers.

TH true JUICE milk becomes the official sponsor of the 2024 Spring Tour

Pioneering in opening the path of healthy drinks, TH Group has researched and developed the TH true JUICE milk fruit drink brand. A combination of clean fresh milk from TH farm and natural fruits, supplemented with vitamins (B3, B6, B12), TH true JUICE milk helps provide completely natural, delicious and nutritious energy. Suitable for all ages.

Accompanying the 2024 Spring Arena of Fame, TH true JUICE milk hopes to add motivation to domestic sports in general and Vietnamese e-sports in particular. TH true JUICE milk will definitely help players prepare for good health and a natural source of energy to compete hard, conquer all challenges and reach the top of glory.


DTDV Spring 2024 marks the 5th consecutive time Hao Hao has accompanied Lien Quan Mobile gamers and Vietnam’s leading esports tournament. Trusted by Vietnamese people for more than 2 decades, Hao Hao has proven its vision, breakthrough and appeal. Hao Hao Noodles has continuously maintained the record of “The instant noodle brand with the highest consumption volume in Vietnam since 2000” (from 2000 – 2023, established by Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings), November 2023). Noodles are produced according to Japanese standards, ensuring consistent quality, rich flavor, safety and suitability for consumers.

Hao Hao is a partner for the 5th consecutive season with LQMB

The rapid development of the mobile gaming industry has made Mi Hao Hao realize the value and importance of engaging with the gaming community. Continuing to accompany the Spring 2024 Arena of Fame, Hao Hao Noodles packages with the unique SPICY SURPRISE SHRIMP flavor will certainly energize the players to break through all limits.

Along with the enthusiastic support of the audience, this will be a great source of motivation for the players to burn their hearts out and break through all limits. Let’s follow and cheer hard for the revival journey of Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam!

All detailed information about the Spring 2024 Arena of Fame will continue to be updated at:​

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