Officially started the Takademy League Master tournament – ​​AOV SS1

Arena of valor is one of the most popular Moba games in Vietnam with a large number of players, quality tournaments and many streamers who have chosen AOV as their content destination.


With its superiority, Lien Quan Mobile is becoming an indispensable dish for game lovers. In particular, if fans don’t directly play AOV, they look to streamers like DK Monkey or Anh Ma… to learn as well as entertain after a tiring day of work.

With the desire to bring to the community of Lien Quan Mobile lovers a professional and attractive playground. Takademy Officially organize the tournament system Takademy League Master – AOV SS1.


In addition to the purpose of creating a playground for Lien Quan lovers, Mobikle Takademy League Master – AOV SS1 also has the purpose of giving thanks to fans of 6 famous streamers in the community:​

These streamers will also participate in the commentary process to cheer on their team as well as interact with the audience to bring entertainment moments during the Covid-19 epidemic outbreak in Vietnam.

This will also be a great practice and practice environment for those who are aiming to become professional. Takademy League Master – AOV SS1 promises to bring exciting and exciting matches and will be a place to nurture young talents of Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam.

Takademy, part of Appota, is a company specializing in training and management for young people who want to become game-specific content creators.
Takademy focuses on entertainment, lifestyle content, etc., contributing to bringing new dynamic and colorful experiences to the generation of young Vietnamese people.

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