No one expected this Online Game title to break Steam records, causing the European Server to run out of steam

The amount of players logging in during last weekend’s dip caused the Server to crash once again Overload. A sudden wave of players hit the North American servers in the second week of July, and in the following week, the game once again experienced congestion at European servers.


Many people took to Reddit to share that they couldn’t play Final Fantasy XIV at European servers because they are all overloaded. One player who tried the free version said he couldn’t even get into the queue. Even though the server is “running at full throttle”, players can still buy Final Fantasy XIV at the store Square Enix Digital Europe.

It’s no surprise that the number of Final Fantasy XIV players continues to grow. According to SteamDB, the number of online players reached a new high of 67,148 over the weekend while just a week before, this number had just hit 58,046.


Final Fantasy XIV’s recent surge in popularity has come mainly from World of Warcraft players who are curious about Square Enix’s online role-playing game. Popular WoW content creator Zack ‘Asmongold’ could play a key role in this change. Zack’s recent Twitch and YouTube videos feature introductions to Final Fantasy XIV for newcomers. Additionally, there is an abundance of posts from World of Warcraft players on our subreddit FFXIV is also another reason.

In addition, a series of attractive in-game events before the release of Endwalker and free login incentives to welcome the return of old players will certainly also attract a certain number of players to FFXIV.​

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