Nine Yin Chan Sutra: Celebrities reunite and win a “quality” PC at the new server Kun Luan on January 19

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“Form is temporary, but class is forever”, PC gaming veteran with 11 years of fighting in the Vietnamese gaming arena, Nine Yin Chan Sutra Not only does not let time fade away, but it also boldly affirms its unstoppable position with a non-stop roadmap for updating new Servers and New Versions.

Opening party – New Server War

The coming of Tet – Spring is an opportunity for relatives, brothers and friends to gather together and reunite, and the mission of each new server season of Nine Am Chan Kinh also has the same meaning. Never before have our employees “looked forward day and night”, waiting for updated information and a roadmap for launching new Servers from NPH GOSU. Because, even though the game has developed steadily for more than a decade, it still maintains its style and love from veteran gamers.​


Recently, the community of Nine Yin Chan Kinh Scholars burst into joy when NPH GOSU officially announced that the new server Kun Luan will officially open on January 19 with a series of “lucky money” events. and attractive gifts during this year’s Lunar New Year. It must be said that the atmosphere of the gaming community is extremely bustling with membership recruitment activities of guilds along with invitations for good friends to return home on the occasion of the new Server.​


Not stopping there, the special thing that contributed to the heat of the new Con Luan Server this time was the awarding of a PC system worth 50 million VND – an extremely practical gift for Cuu Yin Chan Kinh players. It is known that this is the prize for the luckiest player at the event “Welcoming the Nine Yin Tet – Filled with gifts”. Reuniting with guild brothers, PK side by side and being able to own a PC to accompany you on the upcoming journey, all of this makes this year’s Nine Yin Festival more fulfilling than ever.

Nine Yin Reunion – Still “burning” after so many years

How can you say goodbye so easily?
Nine Yin has been burning for a long time
I told you to fight for real
Remember for the rest of your life even if you only play once…​

Proud to be the monument of the 3D Swordplay series in Vietnam, standing tall for 11 years, the Nine Amnesty Classic still maintains its irresistible appeal. People always compare the Nine Yin regression – returning home, every time there is a new Server, a new version, that house certainly cannot lack the gathering image of large and small guilds.​


To have today’s Nine Yin Chan Sutras is not only the tireless day and night development efforts of NPH GOSU, but also every individual who contributes to its creation and maintenance. Behind a powerful game is an enthusiastic and passionate community called “Cuu Am Dong”. Time can “erase” and change everything, but it certainly cannot move the people who have “worked together” with the Nine Yin Chan Sutras for the past 11 years.​


With all its external and internal power, the Nine Yin Chan Sutra affirms its position as a giant tree with strong vitality and longevity over the years. Rivers may dry up, mountains may erode, but the monument to the swordplay game series on PC remains eternal. Continue the great journey with Nine Yin Chan Kinh at the new server Kun Luan – opportunity to own a PC system worth 50 million VND and thousands of valuable items.

Theme song “KUNLUN GREAT WAR” – New server Kunlun created January 19, 2024.​


See Nhan Sy at the new server Con Luan at 10:00 on January 24, 2024 – Deep love.​

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