Nier: Automata – Update took “billions of years” to fix the game that is about to reach fans

More than four years after its release, Nier: Automata There’s finally a new update to address some graphics issues on the PC version. The patch will launch on Thursday, July 15 on Steam with the primary aim of improving visual clarity and performance on Steam. 4K and HDR screen.


After the update, the game will automatically switch to HDR mode if the player’s device has HDR enabled in Windows display settings. Besides, updates also adds about 270 UI textures to support 4K resolution and makes game graphics run smoother on new screen types.

The update also addresses one of the main problems with Nier: Automata on PC, which is frame rate. By default, the frame rate will be stable at 60 fps. As for cutscenes, all will display at the correct aspect ratio without stretching the image.


Other changes like adjusting anti-aliasing or enhancing bloom lighting will make the entire game run smoother. Even very small details like removing the mouse cursor image when playing with a controller makes the PC version more complete.

Although Nier: Automata was highly praised by critics, the PC version always had many problems such as frequent game crashes, low frame rates, and laggy cutscenes. While the update doesn’t fix all of Nier: Automata’s existing problems on PC, increasing the frame rate and display options is a way to bring the quality of the PC version closer to that of the console versions.​

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